Jess Rice


Jess(ica) Rice occasionally performs as Sparkle Technician for the Lander Chamber of Commerce, producing visual and actual glitter through multiple pieces of verbal flair. (Just don’t touch her stapler.) Prior to not developing the preliminary code for FORTRAN 77, she memorized a canon of Shakespeare and sang the doo-wop role of “Chiffon” in a critically lauded New Hampshire production of Little Shop of Horrors. A BA in Honors English and a professional certification in Project Management (PMP) qualifies Jess as an Expert Cat Herder with an acute talent in spelling and fractional conversions. Jess has lead humans safely through the wilderness, sailed three out of five oceans, almost performed Open Mic in all 50 states, built a tiny house, survived teaching junior high, and loves to Google stalk obscure data. She makes lists in order to cross off the first item of: “Make a list.” When not appearing as a one-person flash mob at her desk at the chamber, her favorite pastime is writing completely irreverent short self-bios and handing out Gold Stars to those few who actually read them.

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