Staff and Committees

Brian Fabel

Executive Director

Before joining the Chamber team, Brian worked as the Special Projects Manager of NOLS Rocky Mountain.

Carol King

Associate Director

Carol King began her career as Associate Director of the Lander Chamber of Commerce in 2008.

Dot Newton

Events Coordinator

Dot Newton brings both breadth and depth of understanding to the Lander Chamber of Commerce.

Visitor Center and Chamber Complex Building Committee

  • Purpose: Decisions and efforts related to building, parking & access, and other site-related considerations

Fundraising Committee

  • Purpose:  Decisions and efforts related to fundraising and donations for the new building and related expenses; Set overall fundraising target, Begin developing fundraising opportunities; Engage with other board members & Chamber members as needed

Beautification Committee

  • Purpose: Flower barrel program, Wayfinding and Signage Project, Transportation Alternatives Support, Architectural Guidelines

Destination Lander Committee

  • Purpose: Develop Lander as destination and administer TAD funds.

Retail and Restaurant Committee

  • Purpose: Holiday Shopping Campaign, events that support retail and restaurant industry

Lander Chamber Ambassadors

  • Purpose: To welcome new business and new managers to the city; to visit and congratulate firms having made improvements or new locations; to represent Lander Chamber of Commerce at important functions as an official group, to represent Chamber of Commerce and themselves at any activity in or out of Lander.

Joe Artery
John Boulette
Cale Case
John Dailey
Brian Fabel
Andy Frey
Paul Guschewsky
Bob Hede
Carl Huhnke
John A. Lichty
Fabian Lobera
Tony McRae

Gary Michaud
John New
Sky Phifer
George Piplica
Don Reynolds
Brian Rohrbacher
Doug Thompson
Bob Tipton
Mike Weideman
Beau Wendling
President: Jeff Young