At first, it might seem counterintuitive. With people leading more hectic lives than ever, is it really a good idea to suggest that volunteering one’s time might actually be a good thing? And to do it for free without a financial reward?

Turns out the answer is yes.


Volunteering is beneficial for several reasons, and the best part about it is that it really doesn’t have to take up much time and effort. The advantages of volunteering not only benefit the community or person receiving the assistance, it also benefits the individual or the organization offering the help.

Such benefits can probably explain why there has been a steady rise in popularity in volunteering in the past few years. Research shows that more than 25% of adults in the United States volunteered from 2008 to 2017, with women taking the lead at 27.8% vs. 21.8% of men.

So why is there a spike in volunteering? Well, it seems as though more and more people are starting to realize the immense benefits one can derive from volunteering. People are beginning to see how helping each other benefits all parties involved, and more businesses are joining the helping bandwagon.

Benefits Businesses Derive from Volunteering

Connecting with the Community

A huge benefit that volunteering has is its impact on the community. It allows organizations to connect to the community to improve it. Even helping out with small tasks can make a significant difference to the lives of those in need, and it’s a two-way street.

Setting aside time to help others helps employees network and make new contacts and friends by sharing activities. Volunteering allows employees from different companies in the Chamber to meet for a common goal and form connections. These connections made during the volunteering process make for an incredible opportunity to expand business ties outside the organization.

Volunteering Has Immense Health Benefits

Scientists coined a term for the physical effect doing good deeds has on the human body. The term is known as Helper’s High. Volunteering promotes good physical and mental health by counteracting the effects of anger, stress, and anxiety while also combating depression by maintaining regular contact with others. It also increases self-confidence and provides employees with a sense of purpose, thus increasing employee empowerment.

Team Bonding

Teaming employees up outside of the work environment to participate in a worthwhile activity fosters a sense of teamwork. Pulling together to partake in a common goal, especially a community project or charity, helps employees build bonds that last long, thus making for a renewed sense of commitment to the job and one another.

Business Success

According to research, organizations that integrate social impact into their daily processes can increase sales by about 20% and productivity by 13%. Such organizations also drastically reduce employee turnover while increasing the company’s share price by up to 6%.

Enhanced Skills

Volunteering lets employees use their already learned skills to better the community. They can also use the opportunity to acquire a valuable skill that can come in handy in the work environment. Employers don’t require financial investment to offer opportunities for employees to develop or enhance their skills.

Increased Brand Awareness

Organizations that go out of their way to help the community by working in new environments usually earn a positive reputation for their good deeds. Nowadays, people want to associate themselves with brands that are working to create change in society. Therefore, volunteering in new or familiar environments helps establish relationships with customers and helps build brand awareness and loyalty.

With the benefits of volunteering being evident, we hope that more enterprises become more involved in helping. The more value we add to others, the better our world becomes. So why not start today?

Where to Begin? Attend the Lander Volunteer Fair!

An excellent way to see what volunteer opportunities are here in Fremont County is to attend the inaugural Lander Volunteer Fair. A cooperative effort between the Lander Chamber of Commerce and the Lander Community Foundation, the purpose of the Lander Volunteer Fair is to connect volunteers with the issues and organizations that matter to them. The Fair also aims to bring together the business and non-profit communities so each can help meet the needs of the other: business to provide non-profits with volunteers and non-profits to provide business with engaged employees connected to the people and issues that matter to the Lander community. Non-profit organizations can register to participate for only $30, and the event is free to the public.