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The Lander Biz Show is your go-to podcast for all things business in Fremont County,, Wyoming’s Wind River Country. This episode is a special treat as we dive into the story of legacy and innovation with CMBC Building & Restoration, a leading construction company based right here in Lander.

Owner Curt Taufen is back, this time with his daughter Maddie. At CMBC, it’s not just about building structures; it’s about building dreams from the ground up and family first. From excavation to steel buildings, restoration to renovation, to project design through finished construction, CMBC’s expertise has led many residential and commercial projects throughout the state.

Owen, Curt, Maddie, and Charene

What sets CMBC apart is not only just their dedication to quality craftsmanship, but also their embrace of new technologies. Curt proudly speaks of how his children have infused the company with fresh perspectives and technological advancements, making CMBC a local leader in bringing innovation to the building and construction industry. Curt emphasizes that efficiency is the name of the game, and CMBC’s embrace of new apps and software programs brings cost savings to both the company and the customer.

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