Mike Lewis, Owen Sweeney, Charene Herrerra, Eric Andrews

Summit West CPA Group Logo

The Lander Biz Show recently had the pleasure of chatting with Mike Lewis and Eric Andrews of Summit West CPA Group. And while you might expect that it was a dry affair — we were talking to accountants after all 😜 — we had an engaging and unexpectedly lighthearted conversation. It turns out that when you dive into the history of Summit West, you’re in for a fascinating journey!

When you hear “CPA,” you might immediately think of complex tax codes and spreadsheets, but this episode shattered those preconceptions. Instead, we discovered the rich and captivating history of Summit West CPA Group. Their story is deeply intertwined with the local community and the people they serve; it’s far from boring — it’s actually quite inspiring!

This episode is proof that, even in the world of finance, stories can be engaging and entertaining. If you’re curious about the history of Summit West CPA in Fremont County and want to be inspired by the dedication of local businesses, you won’t want to miss this episode of The Lander Biz Show.