Owen Sweeney, Ron Gonzales, and Charene Herrerra

In the heart of Lander, Wyoming, there’s a story woven into the very fabric of the town, and it begins with the steps we take. Ron Gonzales, the esteemed owner of Ron’s Flooring, is a testament to the longevity and commitment of local businesses in Fremont County.

Ron's Flooring Logo

Ron has made more than just an impression on the floors of the homes and businesses he’s worked on; he’s imprinted on the community’s heart. With more than 40 years of experience under his belt, Ron’s expertise in flooring is as deep as the Wyoming rivers he cherishes for fly fishing.

But Ron’s Flooring isn’t just about what lies beneath your feet. Recently, Ron has introduced a collection of furniture to his store. These pieces are more than just furnishings; they are the final touch that transforms a house into a home.

So, go in and discover the floor that will hold the weight of your world, or the chair that will embrace your form at the end of a long day. At Ron’s Flooring, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of the family, part of Lander, part of a legacy that Ron has been building, one floor at a time.