Owen, Charene, and Mike Myers

In this episode of “The Lander Biz Show,” we invite Mike Myers of Fremont Toyota to the podcast. A proud Wyoming native, Mike found his way to Lander after twenty years in Colorado, and now spearheads the thriving Fremont Toyota dealership. Beyond his automotive industry expertise, we delve into learning more about Mike and his family, his dogs, his love of hunting and the outdoors, and how he’s been settling in a year after moving here to Wind River Country. We also discuss Fremont Toyota’s longstanding reputation for giving back to the Lander community. Whether it’s Lander Brewfest, the International Climbers Festival, the Fremont Toyota Shootout, or another of a laundry list of local programs and events, it’s not a stretch to say Fremont Toyota’s generosity has touched nearly every resident of Lander.

And by the way, if you think we didn’t have fun with Mike’s name, well, you’d be wrong. Lucky for us, he’s a good sport.