The Lander Biz Show is presented by Fremont Toyota Lander, whom we thank for helping us bring these inspiring stories to light.

In this episode of the Lander Biz Show, we sat down with the lovely Jennifer Lee Kintzler and Kim Kobbe to discuss the exciting developments We delved into the world of new spec packages, showcasing the company’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customer, as well as the company’s ongoing growth and expansion efforts, highlighting the innovative ways they’re expanding their reach in Lander, Fremont County, and far beyond.

One of the key highlights of the episode was a deep dive into privacy and security, where we explored’s dedication to safeguarding their customers’ online experiences. But that’s not all – we also had an opportunity to learn about’s active involvement in the local community. From supporting events to participating in community initiatives, they’ve proven themselves as more than just an internet service provider – they’re a true community partner. And the cherry on top? Their ability to provide internet access points and bring WiFi to various locations, including camp spots and special events, showcasing their commitment to keeping people connected wherever they need it.

Owen, Kim, Jennifer, and Charene