CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The Wyoming Business Council (WBC) is pleased to announce they are adding to their Regional Director team with two new recruits. Kiley Ingersoll and Kristin Bonk Fong joined the agency this week and will soon be out in their respective communities working with local leaders and business owners.
“We are excited to welcome Kiley and Kristin to our team,” said Southeast Regional Director Heather Tupper. “Their previous experience and strengths will be an asset to the WBC as well as the communities and partners they will be working with so closely.”

Kiley Ingersoll, WBC Southwest Regional Director

Kiley will serve the Southwest corner of the state in Lincoln, Sweetwater, and Uinta counties. She brings a deep understanding of the area as a native of Kemmerer and a longtime resident of Evanston. She was the Assistant Director at Uinta B.O.C.E.S. #1 in Evanston for more than eight years where she promoted education while honing her accounting, human resources, program coordination, grant administration, and leadership skills. 

“I love the state and the life I have been able to have here and I want to be able to help and enhance this experience for years to come. I am invested in the idea of promoting and creating a better tomorrow for all Wyomingites,” she said.

Kiley sees her role as a Regional Director as an opportunity to help the communities she loves to grow, and she looks forward to doing what she can to make Wyoming and its citizens thrive. 

“I want my children to have a future here and be able to stay within the state when they get older,” she shared. “I believe as the Southwest Regional Director I can help utilize my strengths to make this area better for those who live and work here. I want to help create vibrant communities.”

With the increasing outside interest in Wyoming, Kiley hopes to help promote the opportunity for jobs and economic growth in her communities. She would also like to facilitate more cultural, outdoor, and community-centered events in the area as well as economic opportunities.

“I want people to have amazing experiences within our community,” she added. “I enjoy the outdoors and love the small-town feel of my community, but I want to learn more about how to enhance and expand what is offered in my home state. I want people in my community and state to have every opportunity to have a positive, well-rounded experience and I want to improve the tools we have to help make that happen.”

She is also looking forward to connecting with people all around the region to gain insights and see how she can help connect them with resources to make their visions become realities.

Outside of work, Kiley enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and continually learning new things. Her hobbies include reading, exercise, photography, and spending time outdoors skiing, hiking, and biking.

“I am so grateful for the wonderful life I am able to enjoy,” she said. “I love learning, meeting new people, and experiencing new adventures. I believe it is important to always stay curious and involved in education of all kinds. I look forward to getting to know and working with people from all over Wyoming!”

Kristin Bonk Fong, WBC Northwest Regional Director

Kristin is the new Northwest Regional Director serving Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park, and Washakie Counties. She is a more recent resident of the state and region but brings a passion and sincere appreciation of the local culture and lifestyle.
“When I read the job description for this position, I felt like I was able to identify with all of the goals and qualifications,” she shared. “I felt certain that I could forge a network within my community built on mutual trust, respect, and a shared love of our state. I have always enjoyed collecting friends and colleagues and am excited to see what other areas of the state I can learn about in this position.”
Kristin grew up in northern Illinois where she developed a love for outdoor activities which eventually led her out West for education and adventures. She moved to Cody with her family in 2018 to serve as the first full-time Executive Director of By Western Hands, a nonprofit that honors and perpetuates Western craftsmanship.
Kristin grew into the position rapidly during the organization’s first year operating in a new facility and navigated the many challenges presented in managing a nonprofit startup organization. Most recently, Kristin has been the office manager for the Yeezy sample room in Cody.
“What an incredible learning experience,” she said. “Not only was the global business strategy completely different from a local nonprofit’s but bearing witness to the creative process as footwear prototypes were assembled, refined, and released was incredible.”
Kristin quickly took on a multitude of roles at Yeezy, learning at every opportunity. She began to realize, however, that she was seeking a position that felt more authentically Wyoming, more authentically ‘her’.
“My purpose is to make a greater, more tangible impact in the community and region that I love,” she emphasized. “My wish is to see Wyoming thrive so that my children can enjoy long-term stability and opportunities to grow into their own purposes as adults.”
Kristin’s initial goal in her new position is to visit and learn more about the region where she lives and works.
“I am especially excited to connect with business owners and local economic developers and learn the ins and outs of each individual situation. I look forward to hearing my region’s stories, both good and bad, to get a full picture of our economic health,” she said “I am certain that I won’t have answers early on, but I anticipate animated conversations, great dialogue, and hope to collaborate to find solutions to problems. I can’t wait to generate creative ideas and galvanize partnerships through a mutual love of Wyoming.”

Both Kiley and Kristin will be engaging with various partners in their communities in the coming weeks. To welcome and connect with them, please email Kiley at and Kristin at