Don’t Be Scared: Be Prepared

An online scam or attack can shut down your business, lose you customers, and damage your reputation forever. The number two challenge small businesses identify after access to capital is the threat of cyber attacks.  No business is too small to be a target for hackers and scammers, and there are very simple steps you can take to make your online activities safer and more secure.

Over 90% of cyber attacks are due to human activity.  Someone opens a phishing email, people use the same password across multiple accounts, or somebody plugs a compromised USB drive into their computer.  Those are common ways hackers can cripple your technology and shut down your business.

Most safeguards against cyber attacks cost little or no money.  The solutions often come down to simply adopting better behaviors.  The Wyoming SBDC offers no-cost assistance and training to help your business be safer online.  In addition to training opportunities, we can provide you with access to a cybersecurity advisor and software tools to better protect your business.

Benefits of Wyoming SBDC Cybersecurity for Small Business Program

No-cost assistance provided by this program ranges from brief training opportunities to a long-term engagement with a cybersecurity advisor (up to a $3,500 value). Depending on the needs of your business, services will consist of a portion or all of the following:

  • Learn how to spot a phishing attempt or other email scams
  • Learn the steps to take if your computer is attacked
  • Train employees to practice safer online behaviors to prevent attacks
  • Understand the importance of software updates and data backups
  • Write policies to address cyber hygiene and develop a schedule to keep those policies current
  • Inventory your data needs and identify vulnerabilities
  • Access to premium password protection and antivirus software

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