The Lander Chamber is supporting two companion bills (SF19 and HB59) that are working their way through the state legislature that provide civil liability protections for businesses who have acted in good faith to protect their employees, customers, and guests during COVID-19. COVID-19 has been challenging for businesses who have worked to comply with all regulations, and the threat of lawsuits creates an additional burden for businesses. These bills were passed as interim committee bills, and have strong support from the business community.

The Wyoming Business & Industry Federation, of which the Lander Chamber is a founding member, is supporting these bills for the following reasons:

  • Immunity will apply to any person or entity who was in substantial compliance or acted consistently with any federal, state, county or municipal statute, regulation, order, ordinance, or public health guidance related to the pandemic
  • Civil liability protections are being offered for those businesses who have worked diligently and operated in good faith to keep people healthy – it is not intended to protect bad actors who willfully or wantonly disregarded public health orders
  • This is not a blanket protection but is specific to public health emergencies